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The Law-Medicine Center

Spangenberg Center for Law, Technology & the Arts

Frederick K. Cox International Law Center

Center for Business Law and Regulation
Director, Jonathan Adler
The mission of the center is to prepare future leaders to understand business issues facing business entities, engage in research on the role and impact of government in the regulation of business, and to foster public debate regarding the role of government in the regulation of businesses.
Center for Professional Ethics
Director, Cassandra Burke Robertson
The center’s mission is to explore moral choices across professional lines in a variety of disciplines. It brings together practicing professionals, faculty and students to exchange ideas on such topics as confidentiality, decision-making, lying and conflict of interest. The Center for Professional Ethics was founded in 1978 by Robert P. Lawry, who retired from the law faculty in 2007, and Robert W. Clarke, retired Director of Case Western Reserve University’s Christian Movement. The center is supported by the David and Katherine Ragone Endowment Fund. The center plans to continue to draw upon its founding principles to expand its inter-disciplinary approach and put academic work into practice.
Center for Cyberspace Law and Policy
Director, Raymond Ku
The Center for Cyberspace Law and Policy is devoted to studying the creation, dissemination, and acquisition of human thought, creativity and information in the digital age. Through scholarship, teaching, and bringing together leading thinkers, the Center evaluates the laws, policies, and social forces that govern issues once limited to the Internet, but that are now commonplace in a world networked and mediated by digital technology.

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