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It’s no surprise we are perennially ranked among the top ten programs in the nation. A partner with Case's world-renown medical school, and located in a city with two of the nation’s best hospitals, we offer our students an unprecedented opportunity to play a pivotal role in one of the fastest-growing legal fields.
Webcast of Precision Medicine conference now available

Webcast of Precision Medicine conference now available

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Designed to begin to build firmer bridges between academic and practicing health lawyers, The Law-Medicine Center conference, 'Legal Challenges to Precision Medicine," is the first conference jointly sponsored by the American Health Lawyers Association and a law school health law program.

Beginning with an overview and critique of the scientific progress and promise of precision medicine, including President Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative, the speakers identify legal challenges raised by this effort to tailor medical care more closely to individual patient characteristics.

Highlights include discussions about whether caregivers owe a responsibility to notify family members of genomic risks detected in their patients, how precision medicine will affect efforts to produce standardized medical practice guidelines, the role of the concept of race in precision medicine and the corresponding role of precision medicine in reducing health disparities, the difficulties that public and private third party payers will face in accommodating demands for access to expensive precision medicine services, and the impact of the new changes to the Common Rule on the collection of biospecimens and health data for use in precision medicine research. 

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Pictured is speaker Carolyn Mary Hutter, a member of the leadership team for the National Institute of Health's Precision Medicine Initiative. 

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