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About Us
About Us
We’ve been training lawyers almost as
long as anyone. But we know that what matters most to you
is how we prepare you for success.
We don’t sit still. We anticipate fundamental changes in the world of law and we act on them. We required two years of experiential education long before it became an industry buzzword, and our innovative and visionary curriculum continues to combine the best of classical legal education with cutting-edge experiential opportunities. Our 200-plus courses, seven areas of concentration, 10 dual-degree and certificate programs, and unique opportunities to participate in practice laboratories, clinics, semester-long externships at home and abroad, and semester-long study abroad almost anywhere in the world give our graduates the skills, judgment, experience, and confidence to practice 21st century law and to deal with the challenges of an ever-changing world.

Our school is one of seven professional schools of Case Western Reserve University, one of the world’s foremost independent research institutions. CWRU was formed in 1967 through the federation of Case Institute of Technology (founded 1880) and Western Reserve University (founded 1826).

Our award-winning law school building, built in 1971 and expanded in 1994, sits on our lovely green campus only 15 minutes from downtown Cleveland.

Our diverse student population is selected from a competitive national pool and represents a rich mix of geography, background and undergraduate experience. Almost two-thirds of our student body comes from somewhere other than Ohio. You’ll be among students both very much like you and very different from you. Yet all of them will share your drive to succeed.

A variety of degree opportunities allows you to tailor your legal education to your needs and career goals. We offer a J.D., an LL.M in United States and Global Legal Studies, an LL.M in International Business, an LL.M in Intellectual Property, and an LL.M in International Criminal Law. We also offer the following nine dual degrees: J.D./M.B.A., J.D./M.D., J.D./M.A. (legal history), J.D./M.A. (bioethics), J.D/M.S. (biochemistry), J.D./M.A. (political science), J.D./M.A. (art history and museum studies), J.D./M.S.S.A. (social work) and J.D./M.P.H. (public health).

We have a proud tradition of diversity. We were a pioneer in educating African-Americans and women for the bar, having admitted our first African-American student in 1892 and graduating our first female student in 1921.

Just as important, we remain committed to increasing minority representation in law schools and in the legal profession. Through our sponsorship of and participation in numerous diversity "pipeline" programs, we provide opportunities for high school students to learn about the practice of law and develop leadership skills, to show them that higher education and a career in the law are within their reach.

Diversity initiatives