Summer Institute for Global Justice
Summer Institute for Global Justice
Summer Institute for Global Justice

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Student Comments
The following are un-edited student comments provided anonymously on the Program Evaluation forms:

"I enjoyed the city. We could walk everywhere on cobblestones. The cafés along the canal gave a very relaxing atmosphere that gave us a sense of a real vacation."
"Great experience. Very pertinent and new subjects for law school in the best place in the world to learn about international legal subjects."
"The Summer Institute is an excellent opportunity to meet experts in international law in a relaxed informal setting. The visits to the international institutions in the Hague and Brussels were great. The faculty and staff at the Institute and at Utrecht University go out of their way to make you feel at home. It was a great experience."
"Best summer program I've ever participated in. My only complaint is that the program isn't longer! Six weeks isn't enough."
"Great program. Where else can you meet the chief prosecutor of the ICC, the vice president of the ICC, and the former chief prosecutor of the Sierra Leone war crimes tribunal?"
"Overall, I am pleased with my summer abroad experience. I have made a few new friends and have gained perspective on the international community."
"Fun times!"
"An amazing opportunity for anyone interested in international law."
"Boost for your general knowledge on international politics and international law."
"What an amazing town!"
"An unbelievable experience backed by some of the most prominent names in international law."
"This was an awesome summer and the professors were outstanding and everybody on the program was extremely nice. I made some great friends. This is a very good experience; it's 6 weeks packed with interesting lectures, field trips, etc., and the atmosphere is great too."
"The support staff and the director of the program were phenomenal! They made my stay here a wonderful experience and I would not hesitate to recommend the program to others."
"Great location! Utrecht is very quaint and situated with easy access to Belgium, Paris, and various beach areas."
"Great courses, professors, and location to study international law. Superb way to get a basis or satisfy your interest in international law."
"…The experiences like meeting the judge from the ICT and the vice president of the ICC are unparalled by any other study abroad program. The close interaction with world-renowned faculty can't be beat."
"Overall, I had a wonderful summer abroad experience in Utrecht. The students, faculty, courses and city itself were excellent. I enjoyed the international law subject matter, the field trips were fantastic and the intimacy of the program couldn't be beat."
"Wonderful. Great chance to meet other fun law students. Professors were highly specialized in their field…learning things that I never would have at home."
"I had a great experience at the Summer Institute for Global Justice. The program was well rounded in that it included academic, cultural, social, and recreational activities in addition to the classes. Excursions to the Hague and Brussels provided an inside look into the institutions that we studied in our classes and meeting some of the key figures in international law was a real inspiration."
"The people who guest lectured and taught the classes really make the program exceptional. Keep offering the monkey trip because that was the high point of the trip in the non-educational realm."

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    Important Dates for the Summer Institute
    April 1, 2013
    Application deadline
    Within 2 weeks of notification of acceptance, tuition deposit due
    June 1, 2013
    Balance of tuition due
    June 1, 2013
    Hotel check-in; hotel fee due
    June 2, 2013
    Orientation and welcoming session
    June 3-June 21, 2013
    First session classes
    June 24-July 12, 2013
    Second session classes
    July 13, 2013
    Hotel check-out and departure