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Web Links for Chemical Weapons

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Name: Arms control Association
Description: This site contains several news briefs relating to current arms issues as well as an extensive list of full text treaties.
Name: Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Name: - Dominion Research Center
Description: This site contains various news articles, a newsletter, and an extensive list of online resources for each state and across the Nation. The site is not dedicated solely to chemical weapons, but also to biological and nuclear weapons.
Name: Center for Defense Information - Terrorism Project: A Chronology of Arms Control Events related to Chemical Weapons
Description: This site begins listing things relevant to arms control relating to chemical weapons beginning in 1899 and continuing to present day.
Name: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Chemical Agents
Description: This site contains a list of chemical agents. When you click on one of the highlighted names, it gives you information and frequently asked questions about the substance.
Name: Chemical Weapons
Description: This site provides definitions of chemical weapons as covered by the CWC and discusses Australia's policies and movements towards chemical disarmament.
Name: Chemical Weapons
Description: This site contains an article in which the author defines and discusses various chemical agents. He also discusses the signs and symptoms of these agents, as well as the diagnoses, therapy, and outcomes.
Name: Chemical Weapons Working Group
Description: This site provides links to several recent news articles relating to chemical weapons and also articles specifically relevant to chemical weapons disposal.
Name: Chemical Weapons: All the current Chemical Weapons news
Description: This site is a large news database and provides information on very current chemical weapons news. The news is pulled from large news sources around the globe.
Name: Chemical and Biological Information Analysis Center
Description: site contains a bibliographical database and an extensive list of resources. The CBIAC is a Department of Defense Information Analysis Center.
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