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Web Links for East Timor Tribunal

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Name: Amnesty International's East Timor Crisis Page
Description: The page is dedicated to justice for victims human rights violations in East Timor. It deals mostly with human rights issues. Contains link to Amnesty International's online library for East Timor. News and articles on refugee crisis, the justice process, and what is being done by the international community.
Name: Asia Observer- East Timor
Description: East Timor news, background and useful information. Provides a good variety of links to other sources.
Name: Asian Human Rights Commission- Human Rights Solidarity
Description: website for human rights periodical focused on Asia. Features articles on human rights in East Timor.
Name: Australia Talks Back
Description: Website featuring taped broadcast of speakers regarding the East Timor human rights situation and ad hoc tribunal. The site provides summary of the programs and the audio recordings of the commentators.
Name: BBC Special News Report on East Timor
Description: provides the latest news on situation in East Timor. The site has profiles for key figures, news on the ad hoc tribunal.
Name: Caritas Australia- Hum Rights, Law and Justice Program in East Timor
Description: website for Catholic charity working in East Timor. Provides assistance to human rights organizations. Focused on sexual assault, missing persons. Provides legal advice and opinions.
Name: Coalition for International Justice
Description: This site provides information on the programs of the Coalition for International Justice in East Timor, FAQs on the applicable law and system of geovernance. It has news on the hybrid model for the ad hoc tribunal. It list the indictments, and convictions of the court.
Name: Commission for Reception, Truth, and Reconciliation in East Timor
Description: This site provides information about the Commission to observers, the East Timor community, governments, media, academics, and the human rights community. It lists its functions, mandate, media contacts, press releases, documents, and research links.
Name: East Timor Action Network
Description: It promotes taking action to support justice and self-determination in East Timor. Has section on reports, press statements, and what action can be taken to support its causes.
Name: East Timor Judicial Monitoring Programme
Description: This is a web site by the Judicial Monitoring Programme, a non-governmental organization established in East Timor. The site monitors the trials in Indonesia, provides legal analysis, assists in decision making, and provides information to the Timorese public and the international community by making recommendations for reform. Provides news, trial reports, and resources to the East Timor Tribunal.
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