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Web Links for Environmental Warfare/Attacks on the Environment

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Name: "Nato Willfully Triggered an Environmental Catastrophe in Yugoslavia"
Description: This web page is from the Emperor's New Clothes website. While the host site's content may be somewhat dubious, this particular article is written by a Professor of Economics at the University of Ottawa, and may be considered more legitimate.
Name: "War and the Environment" by Claire Inder
Description: This web page from the political science department of the University of New South Wales contains an article, which analyzes the effectiveness of international law in preventing environmental degradation as a result of war, or deliberate attacks on the environment.
Name: American Friends Service Committee: The Continuing War in Yugoslavia: Environmental Effects
Description: This web page from the Australian Centre for Environmental Law discusses the law of war, environment, and the use of force in Iraq.
Name: Canadian Medical Association Journal: Environment and Health: Impact of War
Description: Article from the Canadian Medical Association Journal examining the relationship of war and health, paying particular attention to the effects of urban aerial bombardment, nuclear testing, and landmines.
Name: Crimes of War: The Book - Environmental Warfare
Description: Provides insightful article on past instances of environmental warfare, and the primary rules of international humanitarian law that prohibit it. Followed by a brief article on the Kuwaiti oil well fires of 1991.
Name: Environmental Media Services: Environmental Impacts of War
Description: This subsite of the Environmental Media Services (EMS) website contains an article that outlines the three major means of warfare with heavy environmental implications that are currently being used. Contains several links to sites, which support the claims made in the article.
Name: Environmental Warfare: Manipulating the Environment for Hostile Purposes
Description: Article by Arthur Westing of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, this page provides an in-depth article describing various past instances of environmental warfare, the effects, and the legal constraints to attacking the environment during times of war.
Name: Environmentalists Against War
Description: This website is the product of a coalition of environmental organizations and individuals that opposes the US attack on Iraq. They seek to influence decision-makers, provide information to the media and public, and mobilize people at the grassroots level to disseminate information on the disastrous human and environmental consequences of this war.
Name: GreenCross Switzerland
Description: Green Cross Switzerland facilitates overcoming consequential damages caused by industrial and military disasters and the clean-up of contaminated sites from the period of the Cold War. Central issues are the improvement of the living quality of people affected by chemical, radioactive and other types of contamination, as well as the promotion of a sustainable development in the spirit of co-operation instead of confrontation. This includes the involvement of all stakeholder groups affected by a problem.
Name: Human Rights Watch: The War in Iraq and International Humanitarian Law (FAQ)
Description: This subpage of the Human Rights Watch site contains a FAQ on war and international Humanitarian Law, several questions answered touch on environmental degradation and war.
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