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Name: BURMA Burma Atrocities in Shan State
Description: From the Asian Human Rights Commission, this discusses the Burmese Military's creation of a free fire zone against the Shan population, as well as the subsequent Shan refugee problem .
Name: Book Review: NAM - The Vietnam Experience
Description: Includes a description of free fire zones from the book NAM - The Vietnam Experience, and provides a "grunt's" perspective of the brutality and confusion of war.
Name: Canada Asia Work. Group1-5 Burma
Description: A discussion from 1994 regarding the declarations of certain areas of the Karen State as free fire zones by the Burmese military. The web site is the Online Burma/Myanmar Library and claims to have classified and annotated links to more than 5000 full text documents on Burma/Myanmar.
Name: Crimes of War: The Book
Description: Click on the "free fire zone" and read an article dedicated to free fire zones. It traces the concept's development during the Vietnam War, and opines on the illegality of a free fire zone. Has links to closely related concepts, including "indiscriminate attack" and "civilians, illegal targeting of."
Name: DOD Online Dictionary - Fire-Free Zones
Name: Fire Support Coordinating Measures
Description: This field manual defines free fire area, and also includes a technical diagram for how a free fire area is designated on a map.
Name: Fire-Free Zones in Thailand
Description: A pdf report discussing the creation of free fire zones and the exodus of refugees to Thailand. The Thai government allegedly forces the refugees back into Burma.
Name: Free Fire Zone
Description: A first hand account by an American gunship pilot in Vietnam.
Name: Human Rights Watch - Ethiopia
Description: A report that discusses a free fire zone created in 1988 during the Ethiopian Civil War.
Name: Human Rights Watch - Iraq and Turkey
Description: A briefing that discusses possible problems between Iraq and Turkey. The brief recommends that Turkey not create a free fire zone in Northern Iraq to drive out Kurds.
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