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Name: 1 Up Info - Human Rights Issues in Kuwait
Description: Site outlines Kuwaiti human rights abuses before the Gulf War including torture, extra-judicial killings, incarceration of immigrants for illegitimate reasons and a description of human rights issues arising against purported Iraqi collaborators after the Gulf War. It also has a comprehensive breakdown of Kuwaiti military, government and social infrastructure.
Name: Amnesty International 2002 report on Kuwaiti Human Rights
Description: This Amnesty International 2002 report discusses numerous human rights violations in Kuwait, most of which relate to the decade since the Persian Gulf War. The report succinctly discusses the following issues: Bedouin rights, the political rights of women, torture, freedom of expression, the death penalty and arrests relating to September 11th.
Name: Amnesty International Article on Kuwaiti Human Rights Abuses
Description: This Amnesty International Report is a very interesting look at Human Rights in Kuwait after the Persian Gulf War. Although the report begins by discussing the various human rights reforms Kuwait has undertaken including investigating human rights violations for the first time, the focus of the site are human rights violations occurring directly after the end of the Persian Gulf War. The report discusses the period of time with some detail and provides biographies on a number of those who disappeared at the hands of the Kuwaitis in the same period. It also provides excellent reference notes on the violations and how they relate to international human rights laws.
Name: Amnesty International Kuwaiti Human Rights Articles
Description: An Amnesty International Database on Amnesty International articles dealing on human rights issues in Kuwait.
Name: Arab Gateway - Human Rights in Kuwait
Description: This website, not only contains various links concerning human rights issues in Kuwait, it also has a plethora of links discussing human rights issues in other Middle Eastern countries, including links to human rights treaties, documents from the Arab Human Rights Movement and the Arab Charter on Human Rights.
Name: Country Reports on Human Rights Practices: Kuwait 2001 by the U.S. State Department
Description: A 2001 report released by the State Department giving a general background on Kuwait and a detailed analysis of human rights in the country as of 2001 including the rights of Kuwaiti Bedouins, women and foreign laborers.
Name: Department of State Human Rights Reports for 2000
Description: This report for 2000 by the Commission on Human Rights discusses human rights issues in Kuwait, highlighting a number of areas that still require significant improvement. Most notably, at publication time, Iraqi authorities could still not account for 608 prisoners of war taken after the Persian Gulf War.
Name: Derechos Human Rights Website link on Kuwaiti Human Rights
Description: This site includes US State Department Human rights reports as well as news from the UN and various articles from prominent media centers such as the Washington Post.
Name: Emory University Database of Human Rights Organizations in Kuwait
Description: This site contains information on the two human rights organizations in Kuwait: The Kuwait Society for Human Rights and Kuwaiti Bidoon Human Rights Organization.
Name: Forced Migration Review - Kuwait Human Rights Sites
Description: This is a basic site simply containing links to reports and sites dealing with human rights abuses in Kuwait.
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