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Name: Armenian Assembly of America
Description: The Armenian Assembly of America is an organization dedicated to strengthening Armenian United States relations and to affirming recognition of the genocide. Of use to researchers are fact papers regarding the genocide made available on the website.
Name: Armenian General Benevolent Union
Description: This website is potentially helpful due to its bookstore from which several titles addressing the Armenian genocide are available.
Name: Armenian Genocide
Description: This website is a visually stunning multimedia tour of the genocide and related materials. Of particular interest to researchers is the page containing what are claimed to be scanned copies of original documents pertaining to the genocide. Also important are excerpts from diplomatic correspondence and letters written by foreigners in the region during the genocide.
Name: Armenian Genocide Institue-Museum
Description: This website is described as a scholarly exposition of historical documentary materials related to the Armenian genocide of 1915. Of particular use to researchers of the genocide is an extensive bibliography contained within the site. The bibliography is broken down by primary and secondary sources and indicates the language in which the source is available.
Name: Armenian National Committee of America
Description: The Armenian National Committee of America is primarily a pro-Armenian lobbying organization working on behalf of support for bills positive to Armenia in the United States Congress. There are position papers located on the website addressing the genocide which could work as good starting points for additional research.
Name: Armenian National Institute
Description: The Armenian National Institute website is a rich source of research links. It provides both links to primary source information and also to secondary source information. It even posts photographs from the period of the genocide.
Name: Armenian Research Center at the University of Michigan-Dearborn
Description: This is a thorough and one would assume scholarly website containing a plethora of information relating to the genocide including copies of primary sources, an extensive bibliography and historical analysis.
Description: The website contains extensive information pertaining to the migration of Armenians in part due to the policies of the Ottoman Turks. The website contains links and information specific to the Armenian genocide of 1915.
Description: This website is a collection of links to different resources investigating and reporting on the genocide. It contains links to web-books, official documents and first-hand accounts of witnesses. The site is in English, Russian and Armenian.
Name: Armenocide
Description: This site portends to be a collection of transcriptions of primary source documents originating from the German Foreign Office and now contained in the German State Archives, relating directly to first hand accounts of the genocide by German counselor personnel. The site is linked from the University of Michigan site. It is in English and German. If the site is legitimate it is an excellent source of primary source research materials.
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