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Name: American Bar Association, Task Force on the Treatment of Enemy Combatants
Description: contains a recommendation by the American Bar Association (ABA) which urges the U.S. Congress and Executive branch to afford right to counsel, judicial review, and clear administrative procedures to U.S. citizens treated as enemy combatants. The ABA Task force also addresses the future implication of the treatment of enemy combatants on future terrorism.
Name: Beyond Intractability
Description: Beyond Intractability is a group dedicated to educating the international community on the causes, cultural implications, and negotiation strategies of conflict. This website offers information on the rights of persons under combatant status, protections under non-combatant immunity, and the overall rules on jus in bello (justice in war).
Name: Center for Constitutional Rights
Description: Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) uses litigation to protect international human rights by investigating claims against corporations and the government. CCR provides reports on actions taken by the legal community, including an amicus brief in support of eliminating "enemy combatant" status of detainees, and legal briefs and decisions in Guantanamo detainee cases.
Name: Center for Contemporary Conflict (CCC)
Description: The Center for Contemporary Conflict (CCC) conducts research on current security issues, such as missile defense, terrorism, counter-terrorism, and weapons of mass destruction, which are transmitted to the military, United States and international policy-makers. CCC discusses the detention of members of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda as "illegal combatants." It also addresses the legal significance of having rules of combatant status and rules of civilian status, which impact the immunity of individuals.
Name: Center for Defense Information (CDI)
Description: The Center for Defense Information is a leading organization in researching and monitoring global security issues. CDI's goal is to provide information to policy-makers and educate the international community on security and defense issues to improve relations between the U.S. and other nations. CDI maintains an International Security Law Project page that lists updates on court decisions, briefings, and articles on U.S. detainees and the Combatant Status Review Tribunals.
Name: Center for National Security Studies (CNSS)
Description: The Center for National Security Studies (CNSS) is a non-governmental organization that makes sure that civil liberties and constitutional protections remain in tact in the U.S. effort to procure national security. CNSS focuses on national security issues after September 11 by providing information on U.S. enemy combatant status, and other documents related to the Bush administration's actions in the "war on terror."
Name: Center for Security Policy
Description: The Center for Security Policy is an organization dedicated to keeping peace in the U.S. by encouraging international and national discussions on issues affecting the U.S. security. The website offers information on issues of defense, foreign policy, terrorism, and national security, including articles on rights of enemy and unlawful combatants.
Name: Crimes of War Project
Description: The Crimes of War Project is a forum for journalists, scholars and lawyers to educate the public on international humanitarian issues on armed conflict. The Crime of War book gives a detailed description of topics including immunity from attack, combatant status, and terrorism. The section on Combatant Status proves to be useful in defining the scope of combatants as well as noncombatants.
Name: Defense Department Policy
Description: Global provides helpful links to Department of Defense Memorandums on the U.S. establishment of the Combatant Status Review Tribunals and the interrogation procedures to show that the U.S. actions against detainees are guided by law. The links are helpful in understanding the U.S. government's position in favor of using "combatant status" and what legal documents were used to create this status.
Name: Detention of Enemy Combatants Act
Description: The Orator News & Information website contains the "Detention of Enemy Combatants Act," which is the bill passed by the Senate and House of Representatives giving the President the authority to legally detain a member of Al-Qaeda or person cooperating with members of Al-Qaeda. This Act outlines what is required by the President to formally detain an enemy combatant, the judicial rights afforded to the combatants, and the conditions of detention.
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