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Web Links for Lockerbie Trial (Pan Am Flight 103)

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Name: Arab Gateway: Lockerbie
Description: The mission of Arab Gateway is to introduce non-Arabs to Arabs and their culture. The creator of the organization is Brian Whitaker, the Middle East editor to the Guardian, a London newspaper. This website, however, is in no way affiliated with the Guardian newspaper.
Name: Arabic News
Description: This web site is a resource for news in English about Arab countries in the Middle East and North Africa. There is no specific webpage devoted to the Lockerbie incident but there is a section on Libya and news from and about Libya. In addition there is a Search function that can be used to generate articles pertaining to the Lockerbie trial.
Name: BBC News
Description: An in depth website created by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) with links to the latest news on the Lockerbie incident, reactions to the Lockerbie decision, the Lockerbie trial and appeal and the legal players involved. The web site also has audio and video clips from BBC news.
Name: CBC
Description: This webpage is the online version of CBC/Radio-Canada, Canada's national public broadcaster. The webpage contains news archives from the Pan Am Flight 103 crash investigation and the Lockerbie trial.
Description: The Cable News Network (CNN) has a special online section that examines the key facts of the Lockerbie investigation and trial.
Name: Flight 103 Information
Description: This website is written in either German or Dutch. It is included in this list because it contains an accident report in English from the investigation of the crash of Pan Am Flight 103. The source of this accident report is listed as Cable News Network (CNN) Inc. The official accident report does not seem to be available anywhere else on the internet though.
Name: Guardian Unlimited
Description: This webpage is a part of the online edition of the British newspaper, The Guardian. The webpage contains links to the Guardian coverage of the Pan Am 103 crash, Lockerbie trial and Lockerbie appeal. It also contains speeches by world leaders on the Lockerbie incident, links to other websites with information on the Pan Am crash and the Lockerbie trial and even cartoons about the Lockerbie incident.
Name: International Court of Justice
Description: This is an application by the Libyan government instituting proceedings against the United States and the United Kingdom regarding questions of interpretation and application of the 1971 Montreal Convention arising from the Pan Am crash.
Name: Jurist
Description: This web page contains an article about the creation of the Lockerbie Trial Families Project Website. The website itself is only accessible to the family members of the victims and a small group of others chosen by the Justice Department. The article gives a basic tour of the website.
Name: Mathaba News
Description: Mathaba News advertises itself as an independent media dedicated to the unification, peace and development of the African continent. All their articles are chosen by their editors with this purpose in mind.
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