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Web Links for Control Council Law No. 10 Trials (WWII)

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Name: Allied War Crimes Trials
Description: Institute for Historical Review provides access and links to war crime trials, including cases tried under the Control Council Law No. 10.
Name: Avalon Project
Description: Yale Law School's Avalon Project has cases tried under the Control Council Law No. 10. Included are indictments, proceedings, evidence and other documents.
Name: Benjamin Ferencz - Articles, Lectures and Links
Description: Beginning in 1945 with his prosecution of war criminals during the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal, the work of Benjamin Ferencz has long explored the issues of international criminal justice and world peace. A strong supporter of the International Criminal Court, Mr. Ferencz advocates steps to replace the "rule of force with the rule of law." This website is devoted to his life's work -- from transcripts of some of the Nuremberg hearings to his more recent writing and lectures dealing with the situations currently central on the world stage.
Name: Bora Laskin Law Library, University of Toronto
Description: Provides research and research tools applicable to Human Ethics Laws and Regulations.
Name: Control Council of Germany
Description: Website dedicated to the historic view of establishment of Control Council and it effects.
Name: Interagency Working Group
Description: In accordance with the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act (PL 105-246), President Clinton established the Nazi War Criminal Records Interagency Working Group (IWG). The group locates inventory and make available all classified Nazi war criminal records, subject to certain specified exceptions. Website contains these records.
Name: International Criminal Court Resources
Description: Links to numerous resources concerning the International Criminal Court and Control Council Law No. 10.
Name: Jewish Virtual Library
Description: Website contains holocaust library, link to related websites, online bibliography, reference section and statistics. Compiled by the Division of American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise.
Name: Nuremberg Trials Overview and Discussion Board
Description: Overview of Nuremberg Trials and trials under control council No. 10. Includes definitions, links, and a list of persons on trial. This online encyclopedia has a discussion board for each topic.
Name: Nuremberg Trials Project
Description: Comprehensive list of Nuremberg Trials Resources; primary and secondary sources Nuremberg Military Tribunals and War Crimes Tribunals. Also contains links to trial transcripts and documents.
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