Frederick K. Cox International Law Center
Frederick K. Cox International Law Center

Case Western Reserve University School of Law
2008 Jessup International Moot Court World Championship Team.

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Student Internships in Africa

Equality Now, international NGO in Nairobi
"I had an extremely positive and rewarding legal internship experience at Equality Now's Nairobi office. The work was challenging both academically and emotionally, as I examined issues related to trafficking in persons especially women and girls and discriminatory laws against women. It helped give me true perspective as to why I am in law school and reaffirmed core beliefs that I hope to dedicate my career to." - Kimberly Brown

International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
"I have very much enjoyed my time with the Tribunal. It was an amazing experience to attend the court proceedings and to be a part of drafting oral decisions. Working with the Judges in this case, especially Judge Byron, was a truly inspiring experience. Lawyer Catherine Denis has been so incredibly busy with the Karemera case, but my limited interaction with her was a wonderful learning opportunity.

Working with all of the other interns – such an interesting and diverse group – has also been a highlight of my time here. It has truly been an honour to be a part of the Tribunal." - Meredith Bowen


Chambers of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
Arusha, Tanzania
"I worked for the Judges for the combined trial for Edouard Karemera and Matthieu Ngirumpatse. I researched and drafted legal decisions for motions submitted by the Office of the Prosecutor and the Defense Counsel. I also reviewed witness transcripts and created witness summaries and Casemap databases to expedite the judicial review process." - Max Stahlberg

Refugee Law Project (Kampala, Uganda)
"I have been assigned a long term project to investigate the gaps between the policy of resettlement of refugee and the actual resettlement process in practice. This work has included a great deal of academic and legal research into different nations policies and laws on resettlement, research on international treaties and agreements and review of law journal and other scholarly articles. My next steps in this project is to interview embassy and government officials around Kampala to hear first-hand about the resettlement process."
- Jessica Feil

Refugee Law Project
(Kampala, Uganda)
"Upon arrival, I received a research assignment that I have been working on throughout the summer. I am examining the current implementation of Access to Information law in Uganda. Ultimately, I am developing a litigation strategy that the RLP can use when wrongfully denied access to public documents. My work will support the RLP's mission to establish a museum-like memorial at the Kitgum Peace Documentation Centre. While researching this topic, I have interviewed many lawyers and NGO workers that specialize in access to information law."
- Danielle Fritz

Special Court for Sierra Leone
"I highly recommend Interning in the Office of the Prosecutor at the Special Court for Sierra Leone. Working at the Special Court enabled to me to gain experience at all levels of the trial process including investigatory, trial, and appellate work. Because the prosecutor’s office a The Special Court for Sierra Leone is relatively small, I got to know the other attorneys well and really enjoyed the casual work environment. The Special Court is a very comfortable place to work with air-conditioning, 24-hour power, internet access, and cheap international calling. There is no shortage of interesting and rewarding work to be done in the prosecutor’s office, and my bosses were very helpful in securing interesting side projects, like going through evidence files, or going on trips with investigators to contact witnesses in remote areas of the country."- Robert Bliss

The Cox Center awards up to 35 grants every summer to support international law internships around the globe.