Frederick K. Cox International Law Center
Frederick K. Cox International Law Center

Case Western Reserve University School of Law
2008 Jessup International Moot Court World Championship Team.

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International Law Courses

 First Year Elective

-International Law (2)

Public International & Comparative Law Courses

-Canada-U.S. Practice (2)
-Canon Law (2)
-Comparative Const. Law Seminar (3)
-Comparative Judicial Systems: Lab in Reform (2 fall; 2 spring)
-Counter-terrorism Law (2)
-Dept. of Homeland Security/ U.S. Coast Guard Lab (3)
-Health Care & Human Rights Seminar (3)
-Immigration Law (2)
-Immigration Law II Refugees (1)
-Immigration Law Practicum (3 or 6)
-International Criminal Law (3)
-International Environ. Law (3)
-International Human Rights (3)
-International Humanitarian Law (2)
-International Organizations (3)
-International Tribunal Externship (12)
-International War Crimes Research Lab (3)
-Intervention and Law: Iraq and Vietnam (2)
-Islamic Law (2)
-Jewish Law (2)
-National Security Law (3)
-Journal of International Law Seminar (3)

International Business Law Courses

-Admiralty Law (2)
-Canada-U.S. Law Institute Seminar (2)
-Conflict of Laws (3)
-Cyberlaw (3)
-The European Legal Professions (3)
-European Union Law (3)
-Global Corp. Governance Lab (3)
-Global Financial Integrity Lab (3)
-International Arbitration (2)
-International Aspects of U.S. Income Tax Part 1 (2)
-International Aspects of U.S. Income Tax Part II (2)
-International Business Organizations (3)
-International Business Transactions (3)
-International Civil Litigation Seminar (2)
-International Economic Integration Seminar (3)
-International Enterprise Design (3)
-International Issues in Intell. Prop. Seminar (3)
-International Negotiations & Agreements (3)
-International Real Estate Transactions (2)
-International Sales Law (3)
-International Tax Policy Seminar (3)
-International Trade & Development (3)
-Labor & Employment Law Issues in the Global Economy (3)
-Open Science Norms & Implications for IP Law (2)
-Journal of International Law Seminar (3)

Summer Institute for International Law and Policy
Case Abroad at Home

The Cox Center awards up to 35 grants every summer to support international law internships around the globe.