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Name: "Charging War Crimes: High Standards Required"
Description: Commentary from the Center for International Human Rights at Northwestern University School of Law suggests that careless and/or exaggerated media discussion of war crimes prosecutions (such as those regarding Kissinger, Sharon, and US soldiers in the Korean Conflict) may undercut the impact of more recent, legitimate command responsibility prosecutions.
Name: "Command responsibility" not a specific crime
Description: Croatian American Association commentary complains that command responsibility doctrine indictments of superior officers are a lazy way of saving the trouble of finding and indicting the actual perpetrators.
Name: A Warlord's Date with Justice
Description: A June 2003 Mail and Guardian (South Africa) personal commentary by an international lawyer discussing the Special Court for Sierra Leone's 17-count indictment of Liberian warlord Charles Taylor in the context of African political history and recent international law.
Name: Accomplice Liability: Henry Kissinger
Description: From January 2003, a discussion of accomplice liability and the development of international law, with reference to the Pinochet case and Henry Kissinger's potential command responsibility in relation to it.
Name: Accountability or Absolution?
Description: A July 2001 essay from the Institute for War and Peace Reporting, speculating on the likely effectiveness of the Milosevic trial.
Name: April/May 2002. East Timor. Jakarta
Description: This is an April 2002 commentary suggesting that the ad hoc human rights tribunal in Indonesia attempting to prosecute offenders on grounds of command responsibility for atrocities in East Timor is unlikely to achieve satisfactory results.
Name: Case Status Suai Church Massacre
Description: This is a June 2002 status report on prosecution of several individuals for both personal responsibility and command responsibility in the 1999 Suai Church Massacre in Indonesia. Posted by the Judicial System Monitoring Program of the International Platform of Jurists for East Timor.
Name: Celebici case: the Judgement of the Trial Chamber
Description: The 1998 press release on the decision of the Trial Chambers in the Celebici case, where four officers were indicted for command responsibility in crimes against detainees in a prison camp, elucidates the concept of command responsibility.
Name: Charges Against Sharon
Description: October 2001 discussion from MERIP about the prospective Belgian universal jurisdiction case against Ariel Sharon.
Name: Command Responsibility
Description: This July 1998 article from the Advocacy Project suggests that the Rome Statute has weakened command responsibility doctrine by limiting its temporal application and the duty to punish element.
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