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Web Links for Genocide and the Genocide Convention

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Name: Armenian National Institute
Description: ANI is an organization to reaffirm the recognition of the 1915 Armenian genocide, offering six program areas: fundamental research and documentation, legal research and analysis, outreach, education, promotion of scholarship, and publications. The homepage is a good research for the area as it includes photo collections, sample documents, genocide map and chronology.
Name: Armenian Research Center at the University of Michigan - Dearborn
Description: The purpose of the Center is for the documentation and the publication of materials in the field of Armenian studies and affairs. Its mission covers computerized database of books/articles, publishing, academic outreach, scholarships, public outreach, and political contact. The homepage contains materials on Armenia and the Armenian Genocide, writings, collections, occasional papers series, graphics, and news and events at the Center.
Name: Australian Institute for Holocaust and Genocide Studies
Description: The website has lists of courses, Institute publications, "Pontus and Asia Minor Genocide Research Unit," which collects eyewitness testimonies, brief genocide bibliographies, links to other websites on region-specialized genocides etc.
Name: Center for Holocaust, Genocide & Peace Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno
Description: The Center provides research, publications, conferences and courses related to genocide and peace studies. The site also includes interesting resources and information such as relevant videos and their awards and links to specific genocides in different regions. The Center also has a contact with the Austrian Holocaust Memorial Service (Gedenkdienst), an international network for Holocaust Foundations that provides assistance to important archives and museums.
Name: Center for Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights at Webster University
Description: The Center offers courses for undergraduates and post-graduates and sponsors educational events such as films, lectures, conferences, exhibitions. It also offers links/resources to genocides at specific world regions.
Name: Danish Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies
Description: This website has information in both English and Danish including Danish Jews during the Holocaust, a genocide course open at Copenhagen University, activities of the Center, publications, Danish policy towards genocide/human rights, etc. The Center (DCHF) constitutes one of five departments in the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS), which in turn forms one of the two pillars comprising the Danish Centre for International Studies and Human Rights (DCISM).
Name: - Armenian Genocide
Description: The homepage is dedicated to recognition of the Armenian Genocide, containing, articles, picture, quotes, forums, petition signing and links to other Armenian Genocide websites.
Name: Genocide: Resources for Teaching and Research
Description: The website is maintained by the Department of criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Memphis, and the Criminal Justice Program at the Pennsylvania State University, Altoona College. This is a collaborative effort of scholars to encourage socio-legal research on genocide and other crimes against humanity.
Name: Hellenic Genocide
Description: The site is to make a better understanding how cruel and systematic were the actions of the Turkish government to exterminate the Hellenes (and Armenians and Assyrians) and also how and why certain governments acted to support those crimes. The info includes letters to Parliament, archives from newspapers, etc.
Name: Holocaust and Genocide Studies
Description: This is a website to the journal published by Oxford University Press on behalf of United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. There is full text available online.
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