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Name: Chatham House
Description: The Royal Institute of International Affairs or Chatham House, founded in 1920, is a leading institute for the analysis of international issues. It stimulates debate and research on political, business, security and other key international issues. The site has an interesting article on the issue of head of state immunity, using the trial of former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet as a case in point.
Description: is a private venture, which aims to make history more accessible and to enrich it by filling the vacuum in which it is typically found. The site provides timelines on various historical events. It has a section on the Nuremberg trials, with a number of documents on the matter.
Name: Derechos Human Rights
Description: Derechos Human Rights is an organization that works for the promotion of human rights around the world. Its works include the promotion of the prosecution of human rights violations with the support of local human rights NGOs and activists. The material in this site is an action request for the extradition of Pinochet to Spain. While arguing its case, Derechos traverses the issue of Pinochet's immunity from prosecution as a former head of state.
Name: European Journal of International Law
Description: Aside from its website, the European Journal of International Law offers a variety of services such as symposia on important issues in the field of international law, namely: state responsibility, the International Criminal Court and the changing structure of international law. It also holds symposia on US-European dialogue and the European Tradition in International Law. The web site provides full texts of the Journal's first ten (10) volumes, plus a forum for discussion, a reading room and links to related sites. This particular site discusses the immunity of heads of state against criminal charges under customary international law. It provides a well-researched academic discussion on the matter.
Name: Global Policy Forum
Description: This site is maintained by the Global Policy Forum, a group that monitors policy making at the United Nations. It also promotes accountability in global decisions and mobilizes citizens on the issue of international peace and justice. This site tackles the issue of universal jurisdiction and the related issue of head of state immunity. It also provides a wealth of excellent links to articles on the same topic.
Name: International Committee to Defend Slobodan Milosevic
Description: International Committee to Defend Slobodan Milosevic. A group that calls itself the International Committee to Defend Slobodan Milosevic has come up with this web site to pursue their agenda. The site provides articles and transcripts showing the perceived persecution of Milosevic by the US and the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia.
Contact: lorka@sezampro.yu
Name: National Council of Resistance of Iran
Description: This is a site maintained by a group that calls itself the National Council of Resistance of Iran. Its avowed purpose is to try the leaders of the Iranian regime, who were responsible for the alleged massacre of thousands of political prisoners in Iran in 1988. In this site, the group makes a detailed presentation of its case, citing relevant historical and legal precedents. It makes a categorical position that heads of state responsible for torture, genocide and other crimes against humanity are not immune from prosecution.
Name: Peace Pledge Union
Description: The Peace Pledge Union is an independent organization of individuals from all walks of life, whose shared aim is to work towards a just world free from war. The site has an article on international criminal tribunals and a discussion on the responsibility of heads of state in criminal acts.
Name: Religious Tolerance
Description: Religious Tolerance, as its name suggests, is a group that promotes religious tolerance among peoples. This site provides an article that discusses the conflict between state sovereignty and individual human rights. It concedes though that the prosecution of Milosevic and Pinochet illustrates a gradual realization of the goals of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Name: Task Force Detainees of the Philippines
Description: The Task Force Detainees of the Philippines is an advocacy group that pursues violations of human rights, mainly in the Philippines but lately in the Asian region as well. The site documents the sufferings of women in the region, dating as far back as the forced conscription of Asian women into prostitution during World War II. In most of these atrocities identified, the article points out that accountability for these crimes is difficult to prosecute due to the defense of head of state immunity.
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