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Name: Amnesty International
Description: Talks about Israeli actions and why the violate international law. They recognize that Israel has the right for action under military necessity, but they believe that the actions that Israel have taken go too far. They believe that the humanitarian problems that Israel has cause outway the military necessity that Israel has.
Name: Balancing Human Rights and Military Necessity
Description: Talks about how improvements have been made in the past and how the war on terrorism might change things. Does the new war on terrorism and the military necessities that are invovled make it OK to violate past improvements on human rights?
Name: Bush War: Military necessity or war crimes
Description: Article exploring whether the various actions that have happened during the war against terror, including what is going on at Guantanamo Bay are necessary or whether we are overstepping our legal bounds and committing international crimes.
Name: Crimes of War, The Book on Military Necessity
Description: The site defines what military necessity is. It talks about how it changes during the course of war. Indicates some of the negative aspects about it. It also links to certain catch words or phrases like proportionality, collateral damage, indiscriminate attack, etc. If you click on any of those words it talks about the definition of each and provides further relevant links.
Name: How nuclear weapons and military necessity go together
Description: It's Zimbabwe's presentation to the world court in 1995. It talks about how even if it was a military necessity to use a nuclear weapon to destroy a military target, that it still wouldn't be worth it and shouldn't be legal.
Name: In determining military necessity and proportionality the commander's judgement is more critical than ever
Description: A very comprehensive article on military necessity. It goes through applying international law, as well as how it might be possible to use military necessity while still trying to limit the damage to non-military areas. Finally, it talks about the future of the topic.
Name: Instruction for the government of Armies of the US in the field
Description: Talks about what military necessity does not include. Also gives links to a whole lot of international law information.
Name: International law in Brief: developments in International law
Description: Gives info on several relevant treaties, then talks about some judicial decisions. Then talks about some specific cases and some Security Council resolutions. Talks about military necessity mainly in the area of protecting cultural property
Name: Israel's policy of house demolitions and destruction of agricultural land in the gaza strip violates the military necessity doctrine
Description: The article contends that Israel's actions cause a great deal of damage to the civilian population and that those types of injuries to civilians cannot be covered by military necessity. Isreali officials contend that it is a pressing military necessity and thus legal.
Name: Lieber's Code and the Law of War
Description: goes over Lieber's code and the law of war writen in 1862 and talks about the instructions for the government of armies of the US in the field. Goes over several points in the work and states how they apply to military necessity
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