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Name: Nuba Peace Agreement
Description: Declaration of Principles for the Resolution of the Nuba Mountains' Problem
Name: Ambassador John D. Negroponte, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations
Description: Resolution on Human Rights in Sudan, Explanation of Vote Before the Fifty-seventh Session of the UN General Assembly, in the Third Committee (Nov. 20, 2002)
Name: Amnesty International (January 1995) -'The tears of orphans': No future without human rights
Name: Amnesty International (July 16, 2003) - Sudan: Empty promises? Human rights violations in government-controlled areas
Description: Contact:
Name: Amnesty International (March 5, 2000)
Description: Oil in Sudan: Deteriorating Human Rights
Name: Amnesty International - Sudan 2003 Country Report
Description: Summary of the human rights situation in Sudan during the 2002 calendar year
Name: BBC NEWS - Sudan Timeline
Description: Lists major events in Sudan from 1881, through the civil war, and up to the peace talks.
Name: BBC News (Dec. 13, 1999)
Description: President Bashir's statement declaring a state of emergency in Sudan, This decree dissolved parliament.
Name: BBC News - Country Profile: Sudan
Description: Gives an overview of the current situation in Sudan and provides links to video clips of significant events such as President al-Bashir's call for jihad.
Name: Canada's Municipal eGovernment Conference and Exposition, Georgette Gagnon and John Ryle, (Oct. 2001)
Description: Report of an Investigation into Oil Development, Conflict, Displacement in Western Upper Nile, Sudan, Details the complex genocide strategy used by the Sudanese government which includes a military component as well as the restriction of international aid to targeted populations.
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