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Name: Africa Legal Aid (AFLA)
Description: Africa Legal Aid counsels individuals and groups on human rights matters, promotes human rights awareness, researches human rights conditions in African countries, publicizes human rights violations, pressurizes States to comply with their human rights obligations, analyses human rights legislation and treaties, and contributes towards the development of a human rights jurisprudence for Africa. AFLA has three key strategies: (1) to promote and contribute to an African human rights jurisprudence (2) to increase understanding and raise awareness of human rights violations and (3) to challenge impunity and lack of accountability for those who violate human rights, particularly crimes against humanity. Moreover AFLA developed a considerable database of the work of the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights, organized focused and high level seminars involving a diverse range of participants and produced a considerable number of publications. In the bottom of this page contains relevant resources on universal jurisdiction which is useful in the research this topic. Moreover, AFLA websites has the links which will take you to websites whose content is related to the work of Africa Legal Aid. These sites are dedicated to (African) human rights issues and to development cooperation issues.
Name: Amnesty International
Description: Amnesty International or AI is an international group of volunteers who is working to protect abused persons based on human rights concept. Its mission is to do research and action focused on internationally against criminals and to guarantee that the member countries will not be used as safe hidden place by the worst criminals. AI has an important role to persuade all states government to enact or amend universal jurisdiction legislation for the listed crimes and then to apply it. Furthermore, AI has issued 14 Principles on the Effective Exercise of Universal Jurisdiction to assist governments in drafting these laws. It has also its own law reviews such as a legal Memorandum on Universal Jurisdiction and Universal Jurisdiction cases for research project on Universal Jurisdiction.
Name: Crimes of War Project: The Book
Description: The Crimes of War Project is an association of journalists, lawyers and scholars devoted to raising public awareness of the laws of war and their application to situations of conflict. A propose of the Crimes of War Project is to clarify this body of law, the developments and debates that surround it for a wider or non-specialist audience. In addition, its links provide supplementary information about the law material such as Universal Jurisdiction available on this site.
Name: Ethics and Public Policy Center
Description: The Ethics and Public Policy Center or EPPC was established in 1976 to clarify and support the relationship between the Judeo-Christian moral tradition and the public debate concerning domestic and foreign policy issues. Its program includes research, writing, publication, and conferences.
Name: European Journal of International Law
Description: The European Journal of International Law is the one of the international law journals offering a several services that analyzes on important issues in the field of international law such as Universal Criminal Jurisdiction and an International Criminal Court. The web site contains all issues published since the Journal's inception. For volumes 1 - 13, all issues are available in full text. Besides, it also has a forum for discussion, a reading room and links to related sites as well. The EJIL website is serviced by Oxford University Press providing a full on-line version of the Journal.
Name: Foreign Affairs
Description: Foreign Affairs is a publication which is published by Council on Foreign Relations on international affairs and foreign policy. It is the international forum of choice for the most important new ideas, analysis, and debate on the most significant issues in the world. Inevitably, articles published in Foreign Affairs shape the political dialogue for months and years to come.
Name: Global Policy Forum
Description: Founded in 1993, Global Policy Forum or GPF is a non-profit organization with consultative status at the United Nations. The mission of GPF is to promote on vital issues of international peace and justice. GPF emphasizes into unique programs so as to require a particular analytical and organizational edge. For its policy Programs, GPF works on Universal jurisdiction in order to defines and analyses the concept of Universal jurisdiction by providing the legal and political issues linking in this page.
Name: International Debate Education Association
Description: The International Debate Education Association (IDEA) is a membership organization in the Netherlands that promotes the free exchange of ideas, personal expression, and international cooperation. IDEA gives students and teachers the opportunity to examine issues that affect their lives and their countries. It also develops and maintains international educational contacts and organizes other international events as well. Presently, IDEA's membership is made up by 27 national members which its register office is located in Amsterdam and now has offices in Gdynia, Poland, and New York.
Name: The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
Description: The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research is dedicated to preserving and strengthening the foundations of freedom--limited government, private enterprise, vital cultural and political institutions, and a strong foreign policy and national defense--through scholarly research, open debate, and publications. Founded in 1943 and located in Washington, D.C., AEI is one of America's largest and most respected ""think tanks.""
Name: The International Commission of Jurist
Description: The International Commission of Jurists is dedicated to the primacy, coherence and implementation of international law and principles that advance human rights. The Commission was founded in Berlin in 1952 and its membership is composed of sixty eminent jurists who are representatives of the different legal systems of the world.
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