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Name: America's Defense Monitor (ADM)
Description: The Center for Defense Information (CDI) produced this weekly television series from 1987 until 2000, airing it on PBS and cable stations across the United States. Videotapes of the half-hour episodes are still available for purchase, offering international humanitarian law topics such as using refugees as weapons of war, the legacy of Hiroshima, landmines, and human rights. Click on "Video Archive" and "Browse By Subject" to navigate most efficiently through the site.
Name: Amnesty International (AI)
Description: Amnesty International campaigns for internationally recognized human rights through its research and action programs. Independent of any government, political ideology, economic interest or religion, AI has more than 1.8 million members and supporters in over 150 countries and territories. AI works toward securing fundamental rights by exposing human rights abuses and protection failures, advocating policy and legal change, and sometimes through taking action on individual cases or issues. This site contains recent video and audio clips discussing issues such as female genital mutilation, rape as a weapon of war, and detainees in the war on terror. RealPlayer is required to download the clips, and a link is provided to download RealPlayer for free. All clips are available in English, and other language translations are often available as well. A transcript of the clip is also provided.
Name: Arab Film Distribution (AFD)
Description: AFD provides a threshold for Arab documentary and film distribution to American and Canadian theaters, universities, colleges, museums and media centers. The site includes information on upcoming film festivals and allows for both individual and institutional video sales. To locate video documentaries, select the "TV Sales" option. You may search by topic or browse by country or title. Some documentaries provide preview clips online using RealPlayer or Windows Media Player. Samples of topics include the impact of September 11th on Arabs, Muslims and South Asians in America, and a look inside the Gaza Strip during military occupation.
Name: Bright Lights Film Journal - Yugoslavia in Focus
Description: This article from the Bright Lights Film Journal reviews 11 Yugoslav documentaries shown at the Third Thessaloniki Documentary Festival: Images of the 21st Century, in March 2001. The films, all produced within the last ten years by Radio B92 (the independent media station in Serbia that was actively opposed to the regime of Slobodan Milosevic), explore the aftermath of the collapse of Yugoslavia in 1991. Most of the titles are still unavailable for distribution at the time of this writing, but the article provides a starting point for future searches based on the film titles or producer.
Name: Center for Holocaust, Genocide & Peace Studies
Description: The University of Nevada, Reno, offers an academic minor in holocaust, genocide & peace studies to help students understand, among other things, how prejudice, hatred, and dehumanization policies originate and manifest themselves. As part of the program, the school offers three award-winning video documentaries produced by the Center's director, Dr. Viktoria Hertling. Two of these videos are available for purchase through the site.
Contact: center@unr.nevada.reno
Name: Council of Europe
Description: The Council of Europe was founded in 1949 and is comprised of more than 40 countries. It was established to defend human rights, parliamentary democracy and the rule of law, and since 1989, it has worked toward consolidating Europe's political, legal, constitutional and economic reform. The Council of Europe maintains Video Archives of committee and parliament sessions, debates, and press conferences on a vast range of topics, including human rights in Chechnya, the war in Iraq, and information on some of the important cases before the Court of European Human Rights. Audio Archives go all the way back to Winston Churchill's landmark speech in 1949 when the Council was formed. The site also contains links to related video clips from Euronews and CNN Europe.
Name: Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontiéres (MSF)
Description: In 2002, National Geographic film crews followed Doctors Without Borders/MSF volunteers into parts of the world affected by violence, famine, and disease. The result was a 30-week television series featuring 30 projects in more than 20 different countries and profiling more than 45 MSF volunteers. The weekly series aired on the National Geographic Channel and was accompanied by an online web companion providing episode summaries, volunteer profiles, project updates, and additional information on the issues facing the region. To date, the series is not available for purchase in the National Geographic Online Store.
Name: Films for the Humanities and Sciences
Description: Films for the Humanities and Sciences has a collection of more than 7,000 video, CD-Rom and videodisc programs covering a broad range of subject areas for educators. Most videos are somewhat costly but include the price of full public performance rights. Preview copies are free to qualified educational institutions and public libraries while other organizations are charged a preview fee. Media consultants are also available to recommend titles on particular subjects that are appropriate for various age groups. Delivery takes 7-10 days. The best way to navigate this site is by entering a specific topic or country name into the site's quick search engine. A preliminary test of topics such as genocide, war crimes, Rwanda, and Yugoslavia resulted in a list of numerous videos for purchase.
Name: Human Rights Video Project
Description: The Human Rights Video Project is a collection of 12 documentary films selected by a panel of human rights professionals, librarians and filmmakers. The Project is dedicated to increasing the public's awareness of humanitarian issues through the medium of documentary films. The website includes film summaries and video clips for each film in the collection, interviews with filmmakers, essays, articles and commentary that place the films in context, and information for ordering the videos from distributors. In addition, this website provides assistance to advocacy groups and others wishing to plan effective screening and discussion program on various topics such as refugee rights or arms, conflict and international humanitarian law.
Name: Human Rights Watch (HRW)
Description: Human Rights Watch is the largest human rights organization based in the United States. Its researchers conduct fact-finding investigations into human rights abuses in all regions of the world, publishing those findings in dozens of books and reports every year. HRW meets with government officials at the United Nations, the European Union, in Washington and in capitals around the world to urge changes in policy and practice. Each year, HRW sponsors an international film festival. Check out the current entries or click on "Archive" to search the list of documentaries in past years. Depending on the year, the list may be organized by title or by country, or both. Entries are segregated by year-there is no master list combining all the entries from past years, so searching might be cumbersome. Use this site to locate background information on the producers and directors or to find a synopsis of a documentary, but not to purchase-no links to distributors or online stores are provided.
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