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Web Links for Terrorist Financing

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Name: Center for Defense Information
Description: CDI seeks to contribute alternative views on security to promote wide-ranging discourse and debate.  CDI educates the public and informs policy-makers about issues of security policy, strategy, operations, weapon systems and defense budgeting, and pursues creative solutions to the problems of today and tomorrow.
Name: Center for Terrorism Studies
Description: The link provides access to United State Air Force/Air National Guard training materials regarding the financing of terrorism. The page is split between links to evidence and details regarding the financial sources of terrorism, and the efforts of the United States to curtail the financing of terrorism. The links range from congressional testimony, to newspaper articles, to links to different organizations involved in the fight against terrorism.
Name: Central Intelligence Agency-The War on Terrorism
Description: The CIA's site provides information on a wide variety of aspects on the terrorism and the war on terrorism including the financing of terrorism. This webpage would be a good start to a project, offering broad explanations of problems. This site offers links to terrorism related documents and links to other government related anti-terrorism sites.
Name: Civic Research Institute-Money Laundering, Terrorism and Financial Institutions
Description: This site has many links to articles, government organizations, legislation, and more regarding money laundering and terrorism. The site also follows news related to the patriot act and the war on financing terror. Unfortunately most of the information can only be accessed by those who subscribe to this web service.
Name: Council on Foreign Relations
Description: The Council on Foreign Relations is an independent, national membership organization and a nonpartisan center dedicated to producing and disseminating ideas so that individual and corporate members, as well as policymakers, journalists, students, and interested citizens in the United States and other countries, can better understand the world and the foreign policy choices facing the United States and other governments.
Name: Department of Justice Canada
Description: This is a link to the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act of Canada. It has the entire act, table of contents, links to commentary, and links to relevant legislation and other acts.
Name: Executive Order on Terrorist Financing
Description: This is a link to the Executive Order on Terrorist Financing. The document details American policy regarding money laundering and financing designated to support terrorism. The page details who is the order is meant to target, what remedies the US has in curtailing terrorism financing, and department in charge of enforcing the order.
Name: Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering
Description: The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is an inter-governmental body whose purpose is the development and promotion of policies, both at national and international levels, to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. The Task Force is therefore a ""policy-making body"" which works to generate the necessary political will to bring about national legislative and regulatory reforms in these areas.
Name: Financial Services Authority (UK)
Description: The web page gives links to details regarding the UK's rules against money laundering and terrorist financing. It has links to acts, information, and thematic work. The information is targeted at businesses trying to protect themselves from being used as sources to launder money.
Name: Her Majesty's Treasury
Description: The Report provides a comprehensive overview of what the UK, in conjunction with our international partners, has achieved in combating the financing of terrorism. The Report outlines the key contribution in targeting, disrupting and cutting off sources of terrorist finance made by a range of bodies within government and beyond and acknowledges in particular the increased benefits from closer partnership with the financial services sector.
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