Frederick K. Cox International Law Center War Crimes Research Portal
Frederick K. Cox International Law Center War Crimes Research Portal
War Crimes Research Portal

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5667 What is the Distinction Between "Joint Criminal Enterprise" As Defined by the ICTY and Conspiracy in Common Law Jurisdictions?
3438 The Legal Status, Under International Humanitarian Law, of Captured Mercenaries in Internal Conflicts
2751 SCSL: Exploitation of Resources as Pillage and Crime Against Humanity
2553 A Comparison Between the ICTR and the ICC on the Rights of Victims Who Testify
2236 A Comparative Study of Exclusion of Evidence on the Grounds of the Means by Which it was Obtained
2172 In What Circumstances Can ´┐ŻConsciousness of Guilt´┐Ż Be Used As Evidence In International Criminal Law?
1975 A Comparative Study on Sexual Violence Trials in the ICTY and the ICTR Comparing Six Particular Issues
1847 A Comparative Analysis of the Mens Rea Requirement for Complicity as Applied in the International Tribunals and the Common-Law Jurisdictions of the United States, England & Australia
1716 Joint Criminal Enterprise - What is the Degree of Participation Required for Conviction? An Exhaustive Memo of the Jurisprudence on Joint Criminal Enterprise
1580 The Key Lessons the Iraqi Special Trbunal Can Learn from the ICTY, ICTR, and SCSL

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