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New salary analysis has patent attorney as 16th highest paying job in 2017

Monday, January 23, 2017  /  Rate this article:
In recent years, the patent industry has experienced explosive growth, as new technology and a surge in innovation created a greater need for legal counsel for inventors. Today, a career as a patent attorney is among the nation’s most lucrative occupations. According to LinkedIn’s analysis of 2017 salaries, patent attorneys are now the 16th highest paid profession in the United States, with a median base salary of $162,000 per year.

The Spangenberg Center for Law, Technology and the Arts at Case Western Reserve School of Law delivers an immersive curriculum focusing on intellectual property, innovation and technology transfer, with individual courses in patent law, litigation, and preparation and drafting of patent applications. The center also offers the Masters in Patent Practice degree, a one-year program that trains students with undergraduate or graduate degrees in engineering, computer science, or a physical or biological degree to become patent agents. Patent agents, like patent attorneys, are in demand at many law firms and corporations, with a median salary of $90,000.

Learn about the exciting career possibilities in the growing patent industry and find out how our program can help you accelerate your career. 

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