Faculty Detail

Kathryn S. Mercer
Professor of Lawyering Skills

A.B. 1977 (Duke), M.S.S.A., J.D. 1983 (Case Western Reserve), Ph.D. (1997).
Phone: 216/368-2173
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Areas of Expertise
  • Family Law
  • Child Welfare

Faculty Biography

Kathryn Mercer teaches LLEAP I and II, the leadership component of Legal Writing, Leadership, Experiential Learning, Advocacy and Professionalism (LLEAP). She also teaches Alternative Dispute Resolution, Mediation Representation and Special Issues in Family Law: Child Welfare. She is faculty adviser to students in the dual-degree program in law and social work; her PhD is in social welfare. In addition to experience in legal practice, she has worked for the federal and state courts as mediator, arbitrator or family conciliator. Currently, she trains child welfare workers in legal issues.

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