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Student Organizations

Lambda Law Students Association

Lambda Law Students Association is an educational, political, and social collaboration of law students, faculty and staff of all genders and sexualities interested in working with CWRU School of Law and the surrounding community. The organization works towards fostering and maintaining an environment that is supportive, positive, and safe for individuals of sexual and gender diversity. Lambda serves as a forum in which CWRU students, staff and faculty may coordinate their efforts to combat heterosexism, discrimination and prejudice, and to promote dialogue on these issues within the law school community, the Cleveland community and society at large.

2017-2018 Lambda Executive Board

Co-Presidents: Dana Jackson/Elizabeth Houck daj51@case.edu/emh144@case.edu
Treasurer: Rachel Adelman rxa334@case.edu
Secretary: Jaclyn Cole (jac327@case.edu)
Event Coordinator: Michele Charbeneau (msc116@case.edu)

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