Student Organizations

Black Law Students Association

The purpose of the Black Law Students Association Case Western Reserve University School of Law Chapter ("BLSA") is to articulate and promote the professional goals and needs of Black law students; to encourage and foster professional competence; to focus upon the relationship between the Black law student and the law structure; to instill in the Black attorney and law student a greater awareness of and commitment to the needs of the Black community; to influence American law schools, legal fraternities and associations to use their expertise and prestige to bring about change within the legal system in order to make it responsive to the needs of the Black community and to do any and all things necessary and lawful for the accomplishment of these purposes.

Mission Statement

"We, the members of the Black Law Students Association of Case Western Reserve University School of Law, exist for the support, guidance and direction of Black students in academic, professional and social endeavors. Our main function is to assist members in the development of their legal careers and to provide opportunities for exposure to various areas and aspects of the legal profession. We recognize the need to act positively in the development of the Black community, to encourage cooperation and closer ties between its members of the Law School's community."

2018-2019 Executive Board

President: McClellon Cox (
Vice President: Alicia Hampton (
Treasurer: Demari Muff (
Secretary: Daniel Dallas (

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